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Training is essential before travelling to medium- or high-risk areas. Through a skill-based learning approach, our training equips the participant with a number of practical tools to mitigate risks and deal with critical situations, should they occur. Based on more than 15 years of training experience, we have developed a number of courses – each respectively developed for either medium- or high-risk areas. However, if none of the below fit your needs, read more about our tailored courses at the bottom.

All of our awareness training security courses are offered as open courses or as closed courses delivered exclusively when and where requested.


Our HEAT is developed for high-risk destinations. Through a combination of theory, group work, skill-stations and simulated exercises, this course provides the participant with all the tools necessary for travelling in high-risk areas. Much of the training goes into the elements of planning a trip, as this provides the best basis for avoiding known risks. However, through the use of role-players and simulation, we also teach the participants how to deal with difficult and critical situations – should they occur.

Time is a scarce resource. That’s why our HEAT is conducted as a 3-day course as opposed to 4 or 5 days. Nevertheless, our extensive experience and special course design ensures that the content and output are the same, if not better than, longer courses. We believe this makes it easier for you to send valued employees on training, allowing for enhanced flexibility in a busy schedule.

Read more about our HEAT course here.


The HEAT Refresher is a 2-day course designed for individuals who have undertaken HEAT within the last 3 years. The course aims to refresh and restore memory of the tools from a full HEAT, thus enabling for an enlargement of acquired knowledge. To ensure a common baseline for learning, participants must present a valid HEAT-certificate issued within the last 3 years.


This 8-hour course is designed for medium-risk destinations and includes a number of easily applicable tools that can be used both by individual travellers and groups. The course consists of a blend of theory and practical exercises. The course is delivered by a senior instructor with extensive experience within travel security. It is in some ways similiar to security guard training.

Read more about our TSAT course here.

​FEMALE travel safety

This 8-hour course will prepare the participant for travelling and working in medium- and, to some extent, high-risk areas, with focus on the threats related to being a female traveller, whether travelling alone or in a group. The course is delivered by two experienced female instructors and consists of a blend of theory and practical exercises.

Read more about our FSAT course here.

Advanced FIRST AID

This 8-hour course is designed for people who travel and work in remote areas. The training builds on the basic principles of first aid and develops into more advanced first aid with the aim of being able to treat and stabilise injured people for longer periods of time. The training includes the use of Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK). Previous first aid training is not a prerequisite.

Read more about our RFA course here.


Crisis management training is the most efficient way to prepare for a crisis. Through a tailored scenario based on the organisations own crisis management policies, we test the crisis management team’s ability to handle a crisis. Depending on the experience of the crisis management team, the training can be delivered as a workshop-based course or as a fully-fledged crisis simulation. The learning curve is always steep. However, our detailed summary report ensures that all learning points can be studied afterwards, and we stand ready to help implement ways to strengthen both the policies and the crisis management team.


Each year we deliver a large number of tailored courses around the world. Many of them are variations of our regular courses tailored to match the needs of the client, mirroring their line of work, travel pattern etc. Others are tailored from scratch to meet specific requirements set by the client. We also offer a security risk consultant to be at your service.

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