Crisis management

​In times of crisis, effective management requires precise handling, based on best practise and experience. Often, this requires retaining the right expertise and having the right procedures in place. Our experienced responders stand by on a 24/7/365 basis to support you, your business, and employees globally.

We have more than 15 years of experience responding to crises throughout the world, ranging from emergency security and medical evacuations, to kidnap and piracy events, extortion, threats, and disappearances.

Retained by AIG, the world’s largest insurance company, we have experience delivering crisis management support to all sectors of industry and sizes of organisations. We also consult on an private basis with high-net-worth individuals and families.

Guardian’s response team is capable of supporting you in the management of any type of crisis. We have consulted on hundreds of international and high-profile cases over the years. We provide you with support and advice based on our own hard-earned experiences from some of the most complex crises companies, employees, and families have ever had to face.


Guardian’s emergency hotline, staffed by our security specialists, can provide you, your employees, and your crisis management team with immediate support if and when a crisis occurs.


Guardian’s prolific experience in crisis management enables us to assist your crisis management team throughout the emergency, thus helping you get a head start on the problem. Our crisis support team can assist you throughout the crisis to help contain it and limit the negative effects.


Guardian’s response team operates on a 24/7/365 basis and stands ready to offer immediate support or deployment, if and when acute crises occur. We can assist and support you in setting up and guiding your crisis management team from the very critical early stages of a crisis. In the event of an extended crisis, we can embed crisis consultants within your organisation to expand your capacity, and help you achieve the redundancy and resilience needed to sustain pro-longed crisis events, while at the same time upholding business continuity and critical business processes.

We have successfully helped our clients through a wide range of crisis situations, including:

  • Hostage takings / Kidnap-for-ransom
  • Threats, extortion and blackmailing
  • Missing persons
  • Malicious product tampering
  • Political crises

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Preparing and training your crisis management and incident management teams on crisis and emergency procedures are vital components in your ability to counter sudden and unexpected crises and business interruptions. Through a tailored approach to best practise, based on your organisational context and resources, we offer scenario-based training and testing of your ability to handle crises effectively. Depending on the level of experience of your organisation, the training can be delivered as a workshop or a fully-fledged, realistic crisis simulation.


Turning Point is a new crisis management board game, developed by Guardian in 2020. The narrative-based game takes you through the journey of managing a fast-moving situation which threatens your organisation. Working together with your team, you will make strategic decisions to protect your company’s reputation and finances.

With Turning Point, we have drawn on Guardian’s 15 years of experience in crisis handling to offer you an innovative and interactive way of familiarising your team with the principles of crisis management.

By promoting crisis management knowledge amongst your team via this fun and engaging format, you will build resilience in your organisation and prime your employees for quicker and more empowered action if a crisis does strike.

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