​The West Bank, Ethiopia, Italy and South Africa were all on the list of places where our training team delivered courses. We acknowledge the benefits of receiving training in the work environment of the participants. Not only does it allow for more realistic settings – it also enables the participation of locally employed staff.

Local training globally

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​What does Duty of Care mean for your organisation and how do you integrate it? As an employer, you are morally and legally obliged to ensure a safe working environment for your staff, also when they are outside the workplace. Guardian offers a check-up of your organisation to help you become fully compliant with all relevant aspects of your Duty of Care responsibility. Based on a thorough evaluation of your organisation, we identify potential gaps and help you build a programme to protect your travellers and expats. Read more about how to become fully Duty of Care compliant or contact us to hear more.

Duty of care check-up

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​A crisis has just struck one of your facilities abroad.

You must act quickly to secure the situation and handle the fallout. What will be your first move?

Turning Point is a new crisis management board game, developed by Guardian. The narrative-based game takes you through the journey of managing a fast-moving situation which threatens your organisation. Working together with your team, you will make strategic decisions that will impact your company’s standing once the crisis has been resolved. The game offers a fun way to discuss the principles of crisis management and collaboratively learn about the dilemmas involved in making decisions under uncertainty.

Crisis management board game

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​We are the preferred security advisor for Nordic media houses because of our ability to provide a single entry point to the full spectrum of security and crisis managementservices. From travellers needing guidance on their planning, to crisis management assistance for top leadership, we deliver personalised advice from experts in the field.

Full-service provider

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During the height of the Ecuadorian protests, many organisations halted operations in the country, but the situation made it difficult to leave the country. While the nation was paralysed by violent protests, Guardian responded on short notice to evacuate a client that was pinned down by the demonstrations. One of our Close Protection Officers joined the affected persons and managed – in close coordination with our Copenhagen office – to establish a safe way out of the country, successfully escorting the client to safety.

We are where you need us

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Off the coast of Nigeria, a ship operated by a European shipping company was attacked by an armed pirate group. As a result, eight crew members were taken hostage and brought to mainland Nigeria. Guardian’s crisis responders were called in to support the company in the negotiations, which ended with a safe and quick release of the crew.

Responding to piracy in the gulf of guinea

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Welcome to guardian​-srm

Guardian is a full-service provider of duty of care solutions for companies with activities abroad. We give you the consultancy, training, and operational services you need to mitigate risks for travelling employees and to protect your company’s reputation in case of unwanted incidents.​


Our state-of-the-art travel management platform:

  • Provides a technical solution for your duty of care responsibilities
  • Presents a comprehensive overview of where travellers are
  • Alerts your travellers to critical incidents and safety information
  • Facilitates emergency help and crisis response

Read more about GAP Guardian or email us at guardian@guardian-srm.com for more.


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Guardian-srm is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 within the scope of consultancy of security services.