Travel risk management

​Several factors are important when determining the adequate travel security setup. These include the risk-level of the destination, the risk-exposure of the traveller(s), infrastructure and the duration of the journey. To ensure that the right measures are in place, Guardian can assist you on an organisational and individual level.


A robust organisational setup is key to ensuring the safety of travelling employees. Such a setup includes policies as well as a travel management system. Guardian has extensive experience in identifying, drafting and implementing solutions that helps organisations efficiently enhance travel security for their employees.


Personal travel security complements a robust organisational setup. Depending on the nature of the travel, one or more elements might be required to prepare the traveller for the journey and the associated risks. This could be in the form of training, pre-travel advice, secure transportation and/or tracking.

Training is essential before travelling to medium-, high- and extreme-risk areas. Our training equips you with a number of practical tools to mitigate risks and deal with critical situations, should they occur.

Read more about our training and different courses here.

Pre-travel advice prepares the traveller for potential risks via a one-to-one briefing by one of our consultants. Our assessment includes an analysis of a range of relevant factors including, but not limited to, crime levels, cultural dimensions and political aspects, all of which are adapted to the individual traveller’s profile and itinerary.

Secure transportation is key to your safety when travelling in areas with poor infrastructure and high accident rates. Through our global network we can provide safe means of transportation anywhere in the world. All our drivers are certified and every vehicle we use lives up to our high safety standards. Read more about our transport services incl. meet & greet here.

Tracking is an important and recommended safety measure for travellers in remote and high-risk areas. Our tracking services offer the possibility to follow the movements of travelling employees, enabling early action if you need assistance. Our platform also provides you with an alert-function that goes directly to our 24/7 response centre. To hear more about our travel platform click here.

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